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is born in Lausanne  ( Switzerland ) the 14th August 1964.

Swiss composer  and conductor  he lives in Italy.

He is graduated in Composition and Orchestral Conducting at the Conservatorio Verdi of Milan and further he  studies at IRCAM ( Paris ) , Accademia Chigiana ( Siena ) with F. Donatoni and  conducting with F.Leitner


He win  in 2003 the” Internationale Kompositionswettbewerb” Freiburg  ( Switzerland ).


His works are regulary played in importants  Festivals in Europe,Asia and America and broadcasting by the French,Italian and German television.

Among his collaborators musicians like Alexander Lonquich,Danilo Rossi, Sergio Azzolini, Cecilia Gasdia,Hille Perl,Maurice Bourgue,the Orchestra of Teatro alla Scala ( Milano ), the Ensemble Europeo Antidogma  ( Torino ).

 His “Ulysses” has been played in Teatro Colòn ( Buenos Aires ) in 2003.

In 2004 his CD “Dépaysements” was published by Stradivarius (Milan) and won the “four stars” prize from “ Le Monde de la Musique “ in Paris.

In 2005 his work “Sonette an Orpheus” was played in Peking Conservatory.

In 2006 his chamber opera “Aqua”for singers,musicians, dance and videoart has been played in Teatro Regio ( Turin ).

In 2009 the Orchestra Sinfonica de Tenerife will play with S.Azzolini his “ Boudoir d’Aphrodite” for basson and orchestra



In 2006 he is Composer in residence at “Cité Internationale des Arts” in Paris

In 2007 he is Composer in Residence at the Gustavsson Foundation ( Iceland )

In 2008 he is Composer in residence in Altes Spittal Solothurn ( Switzerland )

In 2009 he is Composer in residence in ATCSL ( Erevan, Armenia )

His works are published by  433 Verlag in Münich ( Germany )



“ Willy Merz chante la poésie du cosmopolite mélancolique.Il exploite à merveille les instruments de tessiture grave avec une grande sensibilité mélodique”


“ Willy Merz sings  the poesy of the melancholic cosmopolite. He exploits wonderful the bass instruments, with a great melodic sensibility.”

Jérémie Szpirglas

“Le Monde de la Musique”  n.306 January 2006 , Paris


“ The work of Willy Merz is an explosion of vitality and dreamy  concentration”

“L’Express” February 2007 Neuchâtel ( Switzerland )





Willy  MERZ

15, Via Felicita di Savoia

I-10131 TORINO ( Italy )

Tel + 39 011 660 62 06